The true story writer’s of “Innocence of Islam” are our IMAMS

Do you know who are the story writers of Anti Islamic Movie?
“Innocence of Islam”
The Script and history writers are our beloved Imams, Mullahs, Muftis,
Sheikh-ul-Qur’an, religious scholars, Islamic Ulamas, mystics, peers,
dervishes & monks”
Imam Gazali, Bukhari, Shah Waliullah,Naaqissati,Shaikh Abdul Kadir
Jeelani,Junaid Baghdadi, Ba-Yazeed bustami,Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti Ajmeri,
Hajrat Sharaani etc.
The anti Islamic Movie “Innocence of Islam” had Portrayed (described)
Mohamed (SAW) as
Thug &Womeniser
The renowed Imam Bukhari had done the same in his book “SAHIH AHADITHS”

Warning all these are not fictions they are written in 1200 years old BOOKS
. [Bukhari, Vol 3 pg 52 Book of Nikah, #34] , [Bukhari, Vol 1 pg 189, Book
of Bath #266], [Bukhari, Vol 3:52 Book of Nikah #62] , [Bukhari, Vol 3
Kitabul Ikrah pg 669 #1838] , [Bukhari, Vol 3 Book of Nikah pg 55 #71], ).
[Bukhari Vol 1, Kitabul ‘Ilm, The Book of Knowledge pg 150 #132] ,
[Bukhari, Book of Sales and Book of Nikah 3:57 #78], . [Bukhari, Book of
Sales and Book of Nikah 3:57 #78], (Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:61 #89), .”
[Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:69 #109]

7:(179) You will see many amongst both the Jinn and Ins who are destined for Jahannam for they have been given the faculties of thinking, seeing and hearing but they do not utilize them (to grasp the truth). They are just like brutes – and indeed worse than them. They remain unheedful of the laws of Allah.

These are the people whose abode will be Jahannam (7/198, 10/42-43, 47/16, 67/10).

2: 78-79 These people practice deception not only on others but also amongst themselves. The illiterate ones amongst them do not know what Allah has revealed and refer their questions about the Shari’at to their religious leaders. The latter frame the Laws of the Shari’at themselves but tell the former that these Laws are Divine. Thus they deceive others just to secure a paltry price for it, not realising that their fabrication of the Shari’at and their use of it as means of livelihood will bring about their ruin (56/82).

2:80-81 Also self-deceived, they say to themselves: “No matter what we do, we will not be held to account for it. At the most we will spend a short time in hell (till our intercessors secure our forgiveness from Allah)”. Ask them: “Have you obtained a promise from Allah to such effect? If you have, then what you say must come to pass because Allah never goes back on His promise. You have, however, no proof to substantiate this.”

2:168-169 Their leaders exhort them to create disorder in society, to safeguard only their own interests and to hoard wealth. They present their own views as if these were an edict from Allah.

O Mankind, beware! do not follow these self-seeking defiers of the Divine Laws and accept naught of what they say, since they are your enemies. It is not Allah’s Command that you should hoard everything for yourself and create a society in which some pile up treasures while others have nothing to eat. (9/34-35) Allah’s Command is that you should leave the means of nurture open to all human beings, so that every one can take what he needs. Do not attribute to Allah what you have no knowledge of.

2:170 The only defence which these (misled) people have for their unjust system is that it is inherited from their ancestors. Is this a valid defence? Be aware that the Book of Allah is the only criterion of right and wrong, truth and falsehood. But they will never accept this criterion. Hence when they are asked to follow what Allah has revealed (in the Quran) they will say: “No! we will only follow in the footsteps of our ancestors.” In other words, they will follow in the footsteps of their ancestors even if the latter lacked knowledge and wisdom and did not follow the right path revealed by Allah (5/104, 10/78, 11/62, 11/87, 21/53, 23/24, 34/43, 38/7, 43/23).

2:171 Such an attitude of blind imitation reduces human beings to the level of a herd of sheep and goats led by a shepherd who has learnt some particular calls and words from his elders and uses them to direct his herd. Such are those who blindly follow their forefathers. They are deaf, dumb and blind. How can they be called human beings?

2:172 O Jama’at-ul-Momineen! beware of such an attitude and note that these people, blindly following their ancestors have imposed upon themselves various self-created restrictions regarding what is Hal’al and Har’am. Allah’s Law is that you should enjoy His Bounties, partaking of all means of nurture save those things which are prohibited by Him. If you obey this Law it will demonstrate that you are, indeed, obedient to Allah and accept no authority other than His.

9:107 Mosques created by Hypocrites




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