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What causes RUINES/Genocide in Islamic Countries?

“Bismillahir rahmanir raheem” “Assalamu alaikum”  What causes RUINES/Genocide in Islamic Countries? Islamic countries where you find the most devoted and pious persons performing all kind of rituals in excess then other part of the world BUT ALL FALL IN TO THE CATEGORY OF RUINS AS DESCRIBED IN  QURAN AYA 2:78-79 THERE FORE THEY ARE SUFFERING […]


“Bismillahir rahmanir raheem” “Assalamu alaikum”    There are thousands upon thousands of examples from which the author chosen only a few hundred to share with his Muslim brothers and sisters. These examples of insults will begin with Hadith Bukhari, supposedly the most authentic book of Islam after the Quran. Later on, we will examine quotations […]