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Mosque Business Project

Mosques are doing booming business within the Muslim, as well as non-Muslim countries: If you want TO BE A MOSQUE OWNER and want to run a booming business without investing a doller from your pocket. EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION AT TABLIKPUBLIC@GMAIL.COM OR ISLAMTRUTHS557@GMAIL.COM Advertisements


But those who resolve not to listen to, or care about the Message, cannot benefit from it. They close their eyes and ‘ignore the Right Book in favor of wrong books’ (2/18); they (play and) become dumb, deaf and blind and just don’t heed the calls for a return to the right path – (2/16); […]

Who created, collected and wrote Ahadiths? Why ? When? How?

Who created, collected and wrote Ahadiths? Most of the Iranian Imams(Parsi) collected hearsys after 250 to 300 years after the Prophet (SAW). Why ? When? How? How does these stories(infractions) damage Islam? If hadith books were part of Islam, Last Prophet could had left manuscripts of Hadith books behind along with Quran but he did […]

FazailEamal Mockery(Mazak) of quran

In spite of that Allah Had given us intelligence and a sense to know right /wrong We have started to propagate those books just written 70 years before with full of nonsense stories, as equivalent to Quran and are witnessing Mockery of Quran, Hajarat Mohamed (PBUH), Wahi, Jannat, Dojakh etc All references stated here are […]