But those who resolve not to listen to, or care about the Message, cannot benefit from it. They close their eyes and ‘ignore the Right Book in favor of wrong books’ (2/18); they (play and) become dumb, deaf and blind and just don’t heed the calls for a return to the right path – (2/16); they are like sheep, mindlessly following the one in the front. They reject suggestions to apply reason and logic to review their stance with: ‘but we will follow the path on which we found our ancestors (even if they were wrong!) (2/170).
“Thus Allah seals the hearts of those who do not employ knowledge and reason – an invisible barrier is put up between such people and the Quran! (17/45-46).

Allah doesn’t but religious leaders)(Mullah/Maulvis) do misguide people as they are themselves misguided” – (5/77; 6/145). “Thus the misguided become a group
The Clergy supporting each other’s wrong views” (7/202). “In this way, their
leader lead them to an undesirable place – Hell” (14/28, 29).
Therefore, it is Man who does it. Allah doesn’t force the right or the wrong on anyone. It is entirely Man’s own free choice (من شاء). (18/29)
Quran 2 : 78-79 These people practice deception not only on others but also amongst themselves. The illiterate ones amongst them do not know what Allah has revealed and refer their questions about the Shari’at to their religious leaders. The latter frame the Laws of the Shari’at themselves but tell the former that these Laws are Divine. Thus they deceive others just to secure a paltry Price for it, not realizing that their fabrication of the Shari’at and their use of it as means of livelihood will bring about their ruin (56/82).
2:80-81 Also self-deceived, they say to themselves: “No matter what we do, we will not be held to account for it. At the most we will spend a short time in hell (till our intercessors secure our forgiveness from Allah)”. Ask them: “Have you obtained a promise from Allah to such effect? If you have, then what you say must come to pass because Allah never goes back on His promise. You have, however, no proof to substantiate this.”
7:(179) You will see many among both the Jinn and Ins who are destined for Jahannam for they have been given the faculties of thinking, seeing and hearing but they do not utilize them (to grasp the truth). They are just like brutes – and indeed worse than them. They remain un-heedful of the laws of Allah.


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